Factors for good jogging location


I travel a lot, sometimes for work and most of the times for personal growth, both cases, I love to stick to my work out routine as I definitely can’t stick to my eating habits, at least most of the time.

In most of the cases, there is always that treadmill in the hotel gym which is not motivating enough for a quick jog but then if you are in a place like Bangalore where I was for last ten days, there are ample parks nearby any location of stay for you to just pick up your running gear and hit the dirt.


But like any other big city parks, you need to be aware of few things, tried putting it together here, do add your inputs in the comment section for everyone’s benefit.

1. Traffic: A jogger should not risk any accidents while jogging. If one is compelled to jog on the roads, he/she should make sure there are proper footpaths for jogging.

2. Jogging surface: The jogging surface has to be fairly even, otherwise, there are good chances of spraining your feet. Even stepping on seeds or fruits on the footpath can result in sprains. So, when jogging, always look for a flat surface, which is mostly available on playing grounds and parks, making them most recommendable for jogging. The hardness of the surface will not matter if you are using good jogging shoes. If you have good shoes, then it will not make any difference whether you jog on grass, concrete or a metalled road.

3. Stray Dogs: Dogs are sometimes a nuisance. They might chase you even when you least expect. You can be most susceptible to dog chases when you are jogging alone, when it is dawn (or dark) or when you are small enough to be ambushed. Dogs become especially dangerous when it is dark and you are alone. So, make sure there are at least a few people around where you are jogging. Or if you need to jog early in the morning, carry a baton with you for protection.

4. Circuit length: The circuit length is very important for the motivation of a jogger. As a convention, the circuit/lap length should not be too less or too big. The average cricket/football ground lap is around 400 metres, which is perhaps the most optimal. If you are a good jogger, then 10 rounds of the ground will give you good satisfaction. You can even increase the laps according to your capability. You can run short laps as well if you are particular only about the time you jog. It is, however, advisable to ignore your timings while doing laps because it causes unnecessary pressure. I had tried keeping time but it makes one tired sooner. ONE SHOULD JOG FOR GOOD HEALTH AND NOT FOR BEATING ONE’S OWN RECORD.

5. Trees: Pollution is an important factor. In an urban space, there is pollution almost everywhere. But there is mitigation if there are ample trees. Make sure there is greenery where you jog.

6. Particulate matter: Dust and particulate matter can cause lung problems like bronchitis and asthma. While finding a jogging track, see that it has no polluting industries or traffic nearby. If the track is a ground, then it should be grassed. Otherwise, there would be a lot of dust floating around that could harm the lungs. For this, the concrete surface of a park would be preferable.

7. Time to jog: The best time to jog would be early in the morning when there are fewer people and traffic. The best time to start would be from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. The body remains fresh during this time which allows one to jog for greater distances. An evening time jog is not equally as good. I have experienced that jogging any time in the evening makes one tired sooner due to the day-long work exhaustion and also the pollution.

8. Place of jogging: Large parks and grounds would be the best places to jog. Parks would have more people moving around, but there would be less dust and more trees. It would be least advisable to jog on roads and footpaths in Bangalore and other Indian cities especially due to traffic and stray dogs.


Have a good run!





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