2017: Year of hardwork & hardluck

Learning to fly!
Shore diving in the Tulamben!
Dip in the serene.

This year has been a year of

  1. Shifting Gears
  2. Losing hope
  3. Having hope
  4. Being hit hard
  5. Plummeted into the Connaught place inner circle pillars
  6. Waking up like that woman in those awesome coffee adverts.
  7. Face smashed like those waves at marine drive in July.
  8. Content like in those last shot of every sportswear commercials.
    Basically, balancing the entire awesomeness of hard work and appreciating the madness of hard luck.
    Magic is somewhere in between. Go find yours.

On 1st Jan: Finished Advanced open water diving course with templeadventures.com in Pondicherry.
Was staying with Kipak stays which I found on Airbnb and was a beautiful place to crash.
It had 3 dogs, 2 hens, and a freewheeler jungle cat!
Unfortunately, that place does not exist anymore for homestays.
Feb 10th: Finished Goa Olympic triathlon in 04:20:23 hrs.
Feb 11th: Dived with Dive-Goa at three multiple locations. Details here.

Moved cities with couple of bags and lot of baggage!
Discovered the joy of wings and flying with templepilots.com
Earned my first taste of breeze at 500ft.
Earned my first real paragliding experience at 3000 ft from the tower hill.

Mountains or The Beach?

Why do I need to choose either, why can’t I have both?

Nature is for all, I choose both.

My reason to pick each of these magical worlds.

Early trekking days in the western ghats.
Beach days in #Pondicherry.










When you think you know nothing, at the lowest of one’s existence, the bottom of the feeder pits, ready to be eaten alive by that goliath of that beast called self-doubt.

Go climb a mountain, hike that trail, trek that curve.

Pitch your tent, light your own fire, boil that water. Take a sip and repeat this in your head

Duke’s nose point near #Lonavala

“I just climbed the mighty mountains, I can definitely….”

What I say is,

“If you can conquer mother nature’s biggest landmark, I guess you can get over that messy relationship, abusive boss, monotonous life cycle, boring desk job, stand up to the daily mental abuse I have to go to, cause I can”

I CAN get over everything I want to!

Skiing clears your head and spirit. #SolangValley

Works for me always. Always.


Swimming in an open pool of water is something one can only experience!

When you are doing okay in life, when you are trying to find a new way of life, searching for that game-changing thought, looking for that spark which is missing from your heap of dried leaves.

The autumn in your life is searching for its spring, head to the beach or better, jump into the ocean.

The calmness and vastness of the mighty ocean will speak to you in a language which you will be able to comprehend only when you want to, remember what you seek is seeking you.

What you want the world to do for you, the universe wants you to take a 100% go at it! 

Plan your holidays, corporate way

Leaves from office is not a privilege, it’s your damn right!

Step 1: Take holiday list from your HR|admin

Step 2: Analyse-it, look for the weekend holidays

Step 3: Smile like crazy when you spot more than two long weekends.

Step 4: Do a kajrare step when you spot more than 4 long weekends during the diving season!

Step 5: Irrespective of your status in the organisation, draft your year-round leave mailer

Step 6: May be a quarterly leave mailer is also okay

Step 7: Wait for your boss to debate on your freedom, tell him he can also plan the same way 😀

Step 8: Negotiate and close.

Step 9: Log on to your favourite travel app and be a Musafir.