APPI Paragliding Course: Prep day


Doing my APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) license course with temple pilots in Kamshet is the culmination of what I picked up this season. Flying!

Camwati. adventurecamera+relfectors


Few things to get jet packed into my kit is|are,

  1. SUNSCREEN: Save your skin, Wolverine couldn’t. Mine is Nivea spf50, anything around 50 is safe for Indian conditions.
  2. Pick up your reflector shades and a cool scarf, I picked up mine from
  3. Pack your all kind of books, log books, temple guidebook aka manual, fiction/non-fiction(parawaiting is a curse you will love if you feel the need to slow down, trust me it’s a real thing)
  4. Trekking|Hiking shoes is a good addition to your kit, you can find some cool one at the local decathlon stores or on Flipkart.
  5. Check wind conditions to avoid surprises, I do this from the windfinder app.
  6. Pull on your go-pro and get ready to swing!

Hoping to do this at #Pavna lake 😀


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